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About Our Company

Since 1971, Moore's Machine Company has been serving a wide range of customers.  MMC understands the value of teamwork and the importance of diversification, both in staff and services provided.

In every aspect of business, MMC is constantly accommodating to the ever-changing needs of the market and its customers.  MMC makes a point to stay abreast on the latest technology to ensure efficient solutions to problems our customers may have.

We not only provide excellent customer service, but we also like to solve our customers' problems for them.  With this in mind, MMC maintains close relationships with companies that specialize in forging; gauging, die-casting, tooling, and surface finishing being able to offer our customers a vast array of resources and solutions.  But it doesn't stop there.  One customer needed a paint line, so within 10 weeks a paint line was designed, installed, and producing quality, painted parts. Our third facility was created due to another customer need. We're just that dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Obtaining information in a timely manner is vital in today's market. MMC brings its customers effective and efficient service. As a partner in our customers' delivery commitments, production machining is organized and carefully managed to meet JIT schedules through computerized scheduling. Quotes are turned around in a timely fashion.

MMC has proven our capability by growing from a two-person team to a large, and still growing, industrial company. Fourty-One years is not enough.

See what MMC can do for you!

Eugene Moore